Monday, October 09, 2017

when rendering the red

The flagship dirigible sank westwards while the witch, casting a spell on the underlings, would vanquish each moth ball like a kettle fiddles with the drain.

The setting sun, behind the clouds, makes no one notice how photogenic the ceiling would have been had it not been covered with moss. A fledgling photographer, attempting to capture the sunset through the clouds, failed to notice the moss covered ceiling. There is no antidote to not noticing.

A dancing sepulchre, avoiding life like her death depended on it, spent grief like a teenaged canine slobbers over a ketchup stained iguana. Be aware that not all invocations can be compared to weary idiosyncrasies.

Creating a celebration out of fictitious holidays becomes the hobby of those who can't get enough of high frequency socialization. Others have hobbies of building clocks or memorizing the uses of molybdenum. By design, my select list of hobbies includes little to no lint.

If A1 and B1 get added into C1, you might have an inclination as to what software could be in use. If you have no inclination, this would indicate you are level. If you have a strong inclination then you can probably figure out what's going on in D1 and J23. If you still don't have an idea what software this might be.

The ambient quotient suffered as the night light faded into dawn. There is something about brightness that gives light. I should know.

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