Thursday, February 08, 2018

call of the window, not the door

It wasn't anything like what the expectations indicated ought to have happened.

A mesmerizing occupational distraction ridiculed the thoughts that were just outside of the evasive manouvre.

Decreasing the lipids won't make Nippon any less popular as a sidekick journey of the O's.

Support the extra, bring excitement, just remember to pack light. Light.

I know I'll spend the hard cash, baking it twice; but who knows what other left wing depositor will vanquish non-stigmatically.

A triumvirate could celebrate, but only if the clock strikes the fox.

There is an unlikeliness that parades around the centaur, much like a race to the bottom which is a false bottom as we all know things can go further down than they already are.

I'd go even if it was only me.

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