Thursday, February 15, 2018

Winter Olympics?

Yes, I am a total Olympics junkie.

We are super blessed here in Canada to have our CBC carry the Olympics as they are doing a stellar job. Both as an app on my mobile device and on their website you have three choices to watch any event:
1. Full event, where you can watch from beginning to end, the entire event; they play these live as they happen, and then they are available as a recording afterwards.
2. Condensed event, this becomes available after the event, where they take interesting parts of the event and show them in a format that is longer than a hilight reel.
3. Hilights; just a one or two minute summary of the event.

So, if you are really keen on the sport/event, you can watch the full event. If you are only so/so interested, you can watch the condensed, and if it is a sport you aren't really interested in, but you have an athlete from your country that did well, you can watch the hilights.

Watching the events unfold this winter gives me all the more impetus to find a way to get me to Tokyo in 2020 for the summer Olympics. Canada does not do nearly as well in Summer Olympics as we do in Winter, but I prefer the idea of being too hot watching the events as compared to being too cold.

The plan is to use my Aviion points for airfare and to rent an AirBNB apartment somewhere in Tokyo that is between the two main zones of events; and then, add to that the expense of the event tickets. I have a coworker in mind that I have spoken to that would come with me, but I have not yet had the conversation with this person concerning what the expected cost would be.

The AirBNB could be about 150$/night, for 10 nights that 1500$, split between two people is 750$. That's pretty much the only savings.

Tickets for the events could add up to between 5000 and 8000$.

Given this may be the only time I go to the Olympics ever, I am also considering the idea of staying all the way through, so have tickets to both the Opening and the Closing ceremonies and take in a smattering of events throughout the 16 days of events. I would make sure to have a few off days where I can be a tourist in Tokyo, or, simply take it easy in the AirBNB doing very little. Staying for that long would obviously increase the costs; but if this is my one opportunity to do this, I'd want to make the most of it.

Anyhow, those are my thoughts about the Olympics. Hopefully North Korea doesn't blow up Tokyo between now and 2020.

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