Thursday, December 06, 2018

bring out the leviathan

So a Fleetwood Mac cover band decided that all of the Stevie Nicks parts of the songs should be sung by Kermit the Frog.

Baking a celebration into the cake would allow for the people who eat it to pretend they did not know the days of the week.

It wasn't the best idea to reboot my sock collection. I suppose if I had re-shoed them that would have been better.

Osmosis as a form of dandelion fur was the least evocative of scintillating solutions to problems that lack any definition.

Defining the characteristics by using parentheses excessively is not the best use of time spent by a doberman lacking a pencil.

Kansas City is a place; as is Gibraltar. Ethereal dumb luck is not a place, I should know.

If you drew a straight line on a map that connects Kansas City with Gibraltar, you'd have a straight line from Kansas City to Gibraltar.

Baking a Stevie Nicks dandelion fur and feeding a dumb luck doberman brought my rock collection to Kansas City.

Kermit, without knowing the days of the week, used an ill defined osmosis to reboot the straight line to Gibraltar.

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