Wednesday, January 09, 2019

when the thicket is made of goose ankles

Fable, table, label, maple, gable, purple, Gaby

There is something to be said for the number 17, it is a prime number, it is made up of both a 1 and a 7; reversed, it is 71 which is also prime.

A newborn can turn 17 minutes old; frozen potatoes can be cooked for 17 minutes.

17 days would be a great duration for a vacation; or, an intensive course to learn the basics of 19th century etymology.

To wait 17 weeks for something one would have to be patient.

To turn 17 years old would be a momentous occasion; well, if one likes celebrating birthdays, that is. A bit of an awkward age; not yet an adult and certainly no longer a child. A future wide open with decisions that can close some doors while opening new ones; no real responsibilities yet, no obligations that are truly fixed. Resilience and adaptability; these two are qualities I think would be best honed at this age.

When I turned 17 I made sure to count how many mini-wheats were in my cereal bowl that morning. Of course, that was 10,431 days ago (that I turned 17), so my memory isn't clear if the number of mini-wheats I had counted was a prime number of them or not.

Gaby, purple, gable, maple, label, table, fable.

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