Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Yep, so Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called for a Federal Election.

Back in 2015, this was the result for my riding.

As you can see, the Liberal Party of Canada won an overwhelming majority of votes.

Since this riding was created in 1996 the Liberal Party of Canada has won, and overwhelmingly each time, except for in 2011 when NDP Leader Jack Layton brought his party to official opposition status with many members of parliament from Quebec. Not mine (it went Liberal), but it was the closest call.

At the moment, across the country, the Conservative Party of Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada are more or less tied in terms of poll support, with the NDP and the Green Party well behind, but both of these two almost equal also.

October 21, 2019 is the big day. We'll see between now and then how the campaigns perform, if the leaders perform any meaningful gaffes, and if there are any policies that really grab the hearts of Canadians.

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