Thursday, February 06, 2020

twice the left, thrice the wrong

I've subscribed to 'Heated' and have found Emily's posts enlightening.

I've ordered an ET-3710, it should arrive either tomorrow or early next week. It is an Epson printer that takes ink, not ink cartridges. I don't have a good place to put it yet in my apartment, I have a vision of a temporary arrangement and a vision of a better more permanent one.

The Coronavirus has stopped a cruise ship outside of Tokyo, anchored as quarantine for 14 days. The passengers are required to stay in their rooms. A cruise I am going on in March is an inside cabin and will just have me in it. If my ship was quarantined and I had to stay in my room, it would be like solitary confinement. Apparently the staff of that near Tokyo ship are bringing meals to each of the cabins three times a day; so for sure I wouldn't be starving.

What would I do to fill the time? If there is a TV, I would watch TV shows and movies. If there was Internet, I would do a number of things on my mobile device. There really isn't any room to do cardio, however, I would pick two, three or four times a day to do things like push-ups, squats, lunges, hand-stand push-ups, stretching and other body-weight exercises that I could either conceive of on my own, or, if there was Internet, that I could find from others. For certain I would see what books I had on my mobile device and read one or more of them. I suppose laundry would become a problem, but I could wash and hang my underclothes, hoping there is enough air circulation to help them dry.

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ghost said...

alcohol apparently kills the virus. i'd take up drinking.