Saturday, June 25, 2005

motion sickness among plants

brown speckled socks do not taste anything like a rude limerick.

Will Live-8 really change anything at the G8 meeting?

Space exploration deserves more or less attention than it receives.


Phx said...

And why did Live-8 change from Live Aid? Or are they two different things?

I'd imagine a limerick tastes more like salt-water taffy.

Phil Plasma said...

Live 8 and Live Aid are/were both organized by the same man, Bob Geldof. Live 8 was not created for the same purpose as Live Aid - Aid was to help feed Ethiopia, 8 is to ask the member countries of the G8 meeting happening in Scotland very soon to forgive all sorts of debt from the poorest countries of the world.

Coalman said...

Live8 and G8 can not change anything except to make a few African Despots even richer than they are already. Cancelling third world debt only gives more to the wrong people. All aid should have strict, monitored, controls on them to ensure it gets to the starving and not the greedy.

Phil Plasma said...

Coalman - thanks for the post. I have heard that and the opposite - that at least some of the countries in Africa have good leadership that want to do good things, but simply can not under the strain of their debt.

I think the major problem is how the world bank puts stringent conditions on loans, this has caused the wealthy countries to get wealthier while the poorer countries stay poor, and now have debt.