Monday, June 27, 2005

pranksters devotion

My ideal world would consist of a whole lot fewer automobiles.


Phx said...

Mine would consist of a whole lot fewer televisions (hmm... should I lump computers in with that too...)

Phil Plasma said...

I'm with you on televisions, but if we had fewer computers, there would be the potential that you and I would never have met... we can't have that now, can we?

Phoe Misplaced said...

Maybe I'm just cynical -

My ideal world would consist of a whole lot fewer people.

(Except you two, of course!)

And with less people would come less cars, less TV's and less computers.


Phx said...

Darn, you are right. Maybe just a lot fewer violent computer games, then. :D

Phx said...

Fewer people eh? Hmm... it would be better for the environment and all that, but it would be hard to pick who got weeded out, wouldn't it.

Isn't it already a law in China that families can only have one child? That doesn't seem to be working to well--and frankly when I have kids I want to have at least 2... :S it's a tricky situation.

moofruot said...


please. =|

Her: Hi is daniel in?
Me: No, he's left for the day. would you like to leave a voice mail?
Her: Really?! You mean he's gone??
Me: Yes, he's gone for the day.
Her: Will he be back tonight??
Me: (cringes) No, he's GONE for TO-DAY.
Her: He went back to Italy?!
Me: (bordering suicidal) No, HE HAS GONE FOR THE DAY.
Her: Oh.
Her: That means, he's out of country?!
Me: ...
Me: Please call back tomorrow he will be in by 10am.
Her: Ok. Bye.

=| =| =|

Phil Plasma said...

phx: I agree about the 'tricky situation' issue - I already have two children and we are intending on having a third. Here in Canada it doesn't appear to be a problem, but globally we are consuming more than our planet can produce precisely because there are too many people.

phoe: I read a whole bunch of articles about urban sprawl recently, and I think the proper solution would be more computers, far less cars.

moofruot: lol!!