Tuesday, July 19, 2005

plaid among the sky filters

drop the coarse coats from upon nigh, the eleventh symptom causing myopic parallels between evocative surliness and gumption.


Phx said...

aaaaaaaaaaaahhh....erm... hm.

I like the idea of a plaid sky, but don't have time to look up myopic.

Evocative surliness and gumption.. thats quite a mind-full!

Very heavy, dense post to me considering it seems to be about sky and air at the beginning.

Translation please.

Phil Plasma said...

I think I may have mentioned this before, but possibly not to you, that writing these are a whole lot easier than understanding them. I'll see if I can give it a shot, anyhow...

Let the sky actually be the horizon, or in another sense, the future. If through a filter we see that the sky is plaid, it really means that the future is unclear.

drop the coarse coats from upon nigh At least some of the reasons why the future is unclear is because of coats (not what you wear, but coats of paint) that are too close, barring our view.

the eleventh symptom this could have been any number, I just meant for it be large enough to indicate that there are lots of symptoms for why the future is unclear.

causing myopic parallels myopic means nearsightedness, things that are far are unclear. So we already know the future is unclear (plaid), and we know that something close is blocking our view, here we are saying that the following two are paralleled in an unclear manner both as a result, and as a response.

evocative surliness and gumption we need to face this unclear future with both surliness (gruffness) that is pronounced (evocative) and gumption (guts, courage, being brave).

Now read the original post again, does it make more sense?

Phx said...

Um... no. But that's just me not able to wrestle those words down.