Wednesday, July 20, 2005

ridding the planet of radioactive waste

If it weren't for safety concerns, I think it would solve at least some of our problems if we could launch our radioactive waste from nuclear power plants into space aimed squarely at the sun.

Safety concerns include the rocket failing while still within our atmosphere letting thousands of barrels of radioactive waste fall upon the surface who knows where.

What we really need to build is an elevator to the upper atmosphere from the surface, and then we could launch the radioactive waste from the top of the elevator in a much more safe manner.


Don Tate II said...

You're making me think way too hard on a Wed. morning.

Phx said...

That wouldn't leave us without a sun?

Phil Plasma said...

The radioactive waste would just burn. Recall that the sun's diameter is 109 times that of Earth, so our tiny little pods of radioactive waste won't do much to the sun.

Phx said...

Ohh.. right. :) My sun-knowledge is limited... as is much else, I'm learning.