Thursday, July 14, 2005

qualms about dandelions

surreptitiously evading notice, I spy with my little eye something that starts with the colour four. Doughnuts? Donuts? Night? Nite?

Imagine if we could see wind and that it displayed different colours based on its speed. We're not talking digitally spaced discrete changes in colour, but rather an analog continuous spread from slow to fast.

How do you make shoes without oil based products?

Gardening can be fun if there are no lemmings around.


Phx said...

Funny you should mention the colour four. My brother has been saying recently that he can count to G.

Donuts and Night. Doughnuts are well Dough nuts. Nutty dough or nuts made of dough. Either way it sounds disgusting. Donuts is simple--just like a donut. ;)

I would love to be able to see wind in colours--I read a book once in which the main character could see smells as colour.

Wow... my mind is jumping all over the place. :) Shoes... is thick cloth oil based? I dont know what is oil based and what isn't...

Ahh but lemmings are easy to get rid of.. Just chuck one out of your yard and the rest will follow. ;)

Phil Plasma said...

Cotton and leather and wool and hemp are not oil based, but the tricky part is to get them to wherever you are takes oil, and in some cases if they are processed, that processing incorporates oil.

All shoe manufacturing was moved overseas, as shipping becomes too expensive because the price of oil is sky-rocketing, some of that manufacturing will have to come back to here. If I am going to manufacture shoes, what do I make them out of if all forms of plastic (based on oil) are too expensive to incorporate? I figure if I can solve this problem and build a factory that makes shoes without oil inputs, I'll be all set for the impending post-oil economy. I don't currently have a market for such shoes, but I figure I will once the shoes stop coming from overseas.

BTW, thanks for the reply. I really appreciate how much attention you give to my blog.

Phx said...

Phil- very interesting idea, and entreprenureal (bleah...can't spell this morning).

I enjoy your blog, every morning I get a little mental excercise while I mull it over and compose an appropriate comment.