Tuesday, July 12, 2005

sordid kettle usage

Maine is a state that is more east than many others. It also has more vowels than consonants. It contains a sparse population, a rugged terrain and has an Atlantic Ocean coast. It borders the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick, and by way of the water, Nova Scotia. The northernmost point of Maine is at about 47.44 degrees north. Alaska's southernmost point is at about 51.15 degrees north.

Given the following:

  • There is water in the kettle

  • The kettle is in optimum working order

  • The kettle is 'plugged in' or connected to a power source or directly being supplied heat

The water in the kettle will then be heated with an end result of having hot water.

Unrelated facts.

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Phx said...

Unrelated until you ask if there were kettles placed at both locations, which would boil faster... which is where I thought this post was heading. :D