Wednesday, October 05, 2005

rip rip rip rip rip rip rip rip rip torn


Light the lanterns twice, twice and never, ever forget the beginning, roots and foundation. Why else? Why else not?

spurn decision and replace it with ketchup, if you don't like ketchup, kites make excellent water fountains, delivering non-toxic plugs, again and again (and).



moofruot said...

I really really like this post for reasons I don't even know. (That's the best kind of liking in my opinion.)

However, one reason could be the following: Lighting the lanterns reminds me of The Little Prince and the lamplighter, who had the only profession the Little Prince could understand, 'cos a lamplighter made him think about someone sort of adding a star to the sky, & putting others to sleep... so when I read this post, I thought of the stars - among my favourite things in the world - and the Little Prince - my favourite book in the world - and being a dreamer, and not feeling bad about it.

(I make strange and often obscure connections to things.)

Phx said...

I was just going to say that you and Moofruot write very similar posts sometimes. And there she is! :) Damn, I really need to buy that book.

Brotha Buck said...

It doesn't make any sense, but it sounds so pleasant, and visually, ketchup.