Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Word Verification

I've noticed that most of my blog compatriots have turned this on while moofruot and I have not. That's okay with me, I've only had one or three spams that I have just deleted as soon as I could. If it ever became a headache (to do this) I would turn on the word verification, but so far I haven't needed to. I have found that some of the word verification 'words' are pretty or sound neat, so I've started the habit of adding the word verification 'word' to each reply that I post to someone's blog. Don't be surprised by its presence on your blog if you see it... well... be surprised if you like, I don't mind.


Brotha Buck said...

I wondered what that was you posted earlier. I thought maybe you accidently did something wrong that was kinda cool. Anyway, yes, I had to turn my spam thing on because I was getting majorly spammed. I think spammers are watching for when you first post a spam and it shows up in the blogger window as newly posted blogs. I started getting hit immediately after posting.

Copernicus Now said...

I turned word verification on, too. The nasties were all over the place. I would just remove one phony post and two more would appear.

It was like "Dawn of the Living Dead".

moofruot said...

I encourage the anonymous posters to post their websites. I delete the comment almost right away, so it does nothing to my blog... but then I visit the website and spam them right back when possible. It gives me some kinda satisfaction. I hope more people do the same and don't just delete the comment.

I find that the crazy randomized letters are interesting, too.