Thursday, October 27, 2005

stringing a bunch of words together

It is as easy as this, or that, or more, or less or not doing it at all, or doing it some more. Maybe it isn't, or it is, or maybe not, knot?

Who brought rope into this argument, or is it a discussion? Is it? Or isn't it?



ptarmigan said...

knot, knot

hose there?


cord who?

cord you please stop stringing up naughty word?

Brotha Buck said...

You know, I'm just not as good at this as you, or possibly I am, but don't realize, but maybe not, instead, I'm not as good as I might think I should be, or could be, or might me, but then who knows, you might not think you are as good, as you appear to be as good, or bad at this stringing of words as I might think you are.


ManNMotion said...


Or little half moons

Like from the icemaker in my freezer