Saturday, November 05, 2005

passed, Chickens and the Sun

I passed the two exams I had at the end of this week. Now I'm on to the next part of my training that will end February 1st.

Chicken stalk is what is used when Chicken inmates run amok at hair salons that aren't pink.

the Sun.


ptarmigan said...

how do you pronounce stalk in Chickenese? Is the 'l' silent?

ManNMotion said...

What about when inmates run amok with their chicken?

Or is it chickens?

Or do they do it all the time anyway?

Is anyone stalking my chicken(s)?

Is this all synonymatic?

Brotha Buck said...

Passed your two exams, huh? Well, I hope they didn't hurt too much coming out.

moofruot said...

Awesome. :D
Good luck on the rest of your training...