Saturday, January 28, 2006

ATC Update

The course I am in right now is called Basic IFR training, and I am at the penultimate point as I type this. I have done two out of three practical simulator evaluations and have one left on Tuesday. Should I pass that as I have passed the first two, I will progress to the next course which will go to March 15th. During or at the end of this subsequent course I will be assigned to a subsection of Quebec airspace and at that time will have a better idea of how much longer my training will be.

I am doing well, not at the top of the class, but not at the bottom, either. Some of the people in the class are air industry fanatics, a few are pilots who are switching careers... so these people are having a slightly easier time of it. I'm not the only one who is coming from a non-air industry background, however, so I am not alone in facing this blind.

I hope you are having a terrific!

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Brotha Buck said...

Are you an astronaut, or what?