Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Story telling

Tell us a story, paduan, make it good lest we fall asleep.

Aye aye, Captain, I'll do my best. The tale begins at the start, prior to the introduction but following the foreward. It has in it characters and a turning point that rings true to the reader in a way that is enamoring and provocative. The penultimate moment is strikingly innocuous, or so it seems. At the very end, the characters rejoice in the self-fulfilled learning experience that they have just survived, and are thrilled at the prospect that a hint provides, leading them to a new potential adventure.

An excellent story, paduan, though shallow in detail it meets all requirements for a resounding success of story-telling. I will now ask my blog readers to advise if there are any key points missing in this story.


Brotha Buck said...

"Crash" Right?!

ManNMotion said...

You're so Vonnegut today