Tuesday, January 17, 2006

singled out

By that same guy who was doing the Sudoku puzzle, he figured out it was me.


I put the above on the white board, using the colours as I did above while no one was in the class. Later on, some time after others had entered the class room, he approached me and asked if it was I who had done this. I couldn't deny it. He's taken to calling me a 'funky guy', I'm not really sure about that as an appropriate description for me. I suspect he doesn't have the exact same connotations I have with the term since English is not his first language and his English skills aren't terribly strong. Anyhow, I hope you all spend all of the money you have on something frivolous, like charity.


ManNMotion said...

Said this before: Play that funky music white boy

white boy said...

I din't no it was spelt like that. Is the n silent?