Friday, January 13, 2006

Magazine Articles aren't worth lint

The preliminary results are in, another election result appears to be leaning towards the center, surprise surprise. Today was, and tomorrow and Monday continue to be, advance polling days, take advantage of it (I plan on doing so). Unless (which isn't the correct way to begin a sentence). Though it is the correct way to title a book, if you happen to be Carol Shields. If you aren't her, and happen to be someone else, then you can still use that by itself, especially if you know how to properly use prepositions. Tongue twisters tend to tie tongues that twist terribly, twice if you tend to try tongue twisters twice. A classmate of mine was doing a Sudoku puzzle and circled all of the numbers he wrote (in the spaces that weren't provided) and I asked him why he circled his numbers. He said that he didn't really have a reason why, and then I said that this meant he probably didn't have a reason not to stop, either. He found that particularly funny that I could conceive of such meaningless banter, I don't say meaningless, however, just not particularly useful but encouraging out of the box thinking. I'm not really sure what that means, 'out of the box thinking', but it must have something to do with boxes, since the word box is contained in the expression. And that brings us full circle to how I started, make sure to put your vote into the box after having correctly filled in a space for the person to whom you are casting your vote. Twice. No, I don't mean vote twice, I just mean for emphasis that you should vote by saying that you should a second time, not the vote, the saying of it. Unless you can get away with voting twice, even if Unless is a book by Carol Shields. I'm in the mood to keep writing like this since it is so much fun to write what I am writing. It could be called written word banter, or 'out of the box' blogging, but I'd prefer to call it, Unless, by Carol Shields. Ermm... I guess that name has already been taken, so unless you can think of a different name.

I hope you all have a weekend, or at least, a Saturday followed by a Sunday. I know some people that don't believe in weekends, but I say to them, make sure you vote. Twice.


Mr K said...

heh, a long post, and an amusing one at that.

ptarmigan said...

Brilliant, as determined by the word count.

ManNMotion said...

I can't wait to see how your out of the box creativity is applied to Jeb Bush running for president.