Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Are you...

red like the fire hydrant or blue like the ocean?
dry like sand or wet like water?
white like the clouds or grey like the street?
fast like a car or slow like a snail?
tall like a tree or short like a pencil?
clumsy like a woolly mammoth or dexterous like a great auk?
politically red like Gore or blue like Bush?


moofruot said...

red like the sun and blue like the sky;
dry like earth and wet like a kiss;
white like porcelain and grey like steel;
fast like life and slow like honey;
tall like a tale and short like a snail;
clumsy like a puppet and dexterous like a cat;
politically red like Lenin, but no blue except sky...

* happy bday to you as well! three times eleven times one hundred years of happiness to you...

L>T said...

red like rust & blue like a robins egg;
dry like grit & wet like a broken egg;
white like milk & grey like a dusty road;
fast like a bullet & slow like a rock;
tall like a tree & short like a daisy;
clumsy like a toddler & dexterous as a juggler;
politically green like Nader...& rainbow colors.

ManNMotion said...

Red, black, brown, beige, blue, and multiple other discolorations
Sometimes dry, sometimes wet, depends on point of view
Neither white nor grey
Too fast in some ways, too slow in others
Tall in spirit, short in legs
Clumsy to the auk, dexterous to the mammoth
Mix red and blue and I think you get purple


Brotha Buck said...

I'm kind of purple-ish red. Depending upon whats in the news.