Friday, June 16, 2006

Dark side of the Sun

I don't think the word 'nuisance' is used often enough. Please, if you don't mind, make an effort to use the word 'nuisance' in your world today. It is a good day to use this word as I am sure you encounter something that is a nuisance every day, and it is not every day you use the word 'nuisance'.

Other than that, make sure to eat your serving of ke1p.


Brotha Buck said...

You just don't know how easy that will be. My grown, adult daughter WILL call me at least 4 times today, from two states away, and she'll text me at least once, and send various forwarded emails. Can we say nuisance?

L>T said...

well, what a damn nuisance that's going to be!

But, i will just for you. :)

ManNMotion said...

Kelp is a nuance

L>T said...

What! not this nuisance again. BTW, you made a nuisance of yourself over at Language Guys blog. Kudos

The ploy over there is that if they can't prove you wrong they ignore you. What a nuisance!

Kelp is a nuance? What, you mean the smell of it rotting on the beach?

Mister Pregunto said...

If we must keep repeating that word, must we only use it in the same old way, or can we look for some nuisance in its tired old meaning?

moofruot said...

You know what's a nuisance? A nice sun.