Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Placate the masses

Be they as cows, moping in the fields
unaware of all but their plight
Leave them be, mooing happily
while we prepare for the fight

Get a strangle hold on what is right!

Our time is now
to change the world our way
Our time is now
this is the day!

Get a grip on the importance of today!


L>T said...

Hey, that sounds like Commie talk!

moi said...

unaware of all, how true.

Frida said...

Cows don’t pay attention when I stick my head out the window to moo at them? Uhhh, what Bovine snobs! I will have to work on my Cowanese.

How are you changing the world today?

Phil Plasma said...

l>t: In Canada we're far more socialist than the Red states. I am more socialist than most Canadians, even, socialism isn't that far from communism, and in principal, communism is appealing to me, but not in practice due to its easy human access to corruption.
moi: unaware of all but their plight, not aware of the larger picture that means more.
frida: I am changing the world today by having an impact on all of the people who read this post. I have never committed to changing a large part of the world, so a small part is what I have done.

Frida said...

Move one grain of sand and you have changed the world.

Brotha Buck said...

Lets hear it for the cows: MOO!!

Mister Pregunto said...

"Move one grain of sand and you have changed the world."

Which one?