Thursday, June 29, 2006


Quite right, not write or rite. Left and wrong, not right, or rite.

Slight, not fight or night or bite or bight or light or cite. Kite?

The plain carpenter said "look at the plane flying over the plain" while using his plain plane on a plain mathematical plane.

Does the delete key on your keyboard have a deleterious effect?
Does the expletive key in your head have an explosive effect?

L is for lungs, breathe!


Frida said...

"Ah ha," said the blind man to his deaf daughter when he picked up the hammer and saw.

Brotha Buck said...

Yikes! Oh, but that doesn't rhyme, huh?

L>T said...

Is phil, not jill or bill, still, is phil real?

does the home icon have a get the heck out of here, affect?

Phil Plasma said...

l>t: I'm either a figment of your imagination, or you are a creation from my own imagination, either way, we have different methods of expressing our creativity. You seem to paint, I use words. A combination of free-form consciousness spewed out with particular word combinations.

L>T said...

I see that.
I've not explored poetry much or any kind of word expression.

I have a hard anough time using words to express myself.