Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Too bad for the Oilers

I stubbed my toe (smallest on the right foot) last night. It hurt a lot. I went into shock, felt like I was going to vomit, apparently my skin turned greenish and my lips went white. Ten minutes later I was over the shock, my toe had just slowed down its bleeding, and I was feeling okay. It hurt only for the first few minutes, then ice basically froze the toe so I wouldn't feel it anymore.

I have a slight limp now. I expect I will have that limp for quite a while as I have heard that toe injuries take a long time to heal since the toe can not be kept immobile for any reasonable length of time since it is always being used for bipedal ambulation.


L>T said...

you must of broke it. That might take a long time to heal & no splint for a broken toe.

I broke a toe once it was really painful. I remenber at night i didn't even want blankets on it.

get well, soon.

Phil Plasma said...

It is feeling incrementally better today, and I can move it without wincing, so I don't think it is broken, but I suspect it was nearly broken. If it heals in a couple of weeks, I'll be pretty sure it isn't broken, if it heals in a couple of months, I'll assume it was broken.

Marc André Bélanger said...

Ouch. Been there (the middle one): wnated to kick something and there was this big armchair leg in the way. Didn't break it, but nice colour show! I did manage to rig up something to keep it more in place, using popsicle sticks and some gause. Took two weeks to heal, I think.