Monday, July 31, 2006

Carnival of Inspiration

  1. Friends Today, Enemies Tomorrow Get a great list of songs and lyrics that explain why friendships change.

  2. Why I love Canada: An Immigrant Family's Story A nice story of how Canada assisted this family in a time of need.

  3. Car Donation This is an inspiring blog post about the donation of a car.

  4. Healing Hands An interesting post about an atheist's 'ache'. From the same blog Acting your age.

  5. RadicalHop is a very productive blog that focuses on your Growth (with passion) and sent us many inspirational links:

  6. Leave Work Early to Get Healthy Apparently all of the overtime and extra hours that we're doing is expanding our waist line.

  7. Simple or Complex Approach? Which will you choose?

  8. Namaste Economics Our current economic system isn't working, Namaste Economics will get us to where we all want to go.

  9. Looking at the Bright Side of World War III Did you know there was a bright side to the impending world war?

  10. Some of our entries are broken down into helpful lists:

  11. 10 Tips: How to blend in abroad Not exactly inspirational, it is probably a good idea to read this before travelling.

  12. 21 Ways to Be More Creative Never complain again about missing the creative bone in your body.

  13. Ten Steps to an Easy Life It is perfectly normal to have an easy life, and if you don't believe it, check this out.

  14. Top Ten Reasons to Remain a Wage Slave Why pay the price for freedom when you can very easily settle for safety?

  15. Three Decisions to Release Your Potential Reviewing Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins, this blogger has read the decisions chapters and shares this with us.

  16. Finally, some practical how-to information to help you along...

  17. How DeMarco, Lister, and Cockburn Helped Me Find a Better Job (Part 1) How failings in corporate teamwork changed this person's career.

  18. The Transition from Eating Mindlessly to Eating Consciously How conscious are you of the food you eat? Also from this blog Maintain Your Beauty

  19. How to make a hand-tied bouquet – a step-by-step guide Will this hand tied bouquet inspire? Maybe.

  20. How To: Be Successful and Make Lots of Money at Anything You Love Put your mind in the right place and you can be inspired.

  21. The Time Machine (how to achieve your goals through thought) This post is all about attitude, have the right frame of mind and then you decide how your life will go, rather than just floating along.


Brotha Buck said...

Oh wow, sorry I missed this, I got so busy.You got quite a varitey here.

BiBi Cambridge said...
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BiBi Cambridge said...

Hey there,

Thanks for including my entry. I'm looking forward to checking out the others you have up there.

Bibi x

Chuck said...

Great Layout! Thanks for hosting and thanks for the inclusion. Great Job!

My Bubble Life said...

Great Stuff! Thanks for including my post on this carnival. I'm definitely in some talented company.