Friday, July 07, 2006

Off to Camp!

I'm off to family camp, leaving Sunday, very busy Saturday to prepare for the trip, so will be completely off-line until July 15th, and then I have a second week off of work, doing some chores and time consuming but not terribly expensive home renovations.

So to all of you who read my blog regularly or irregularly, have a nice vacation! To all of you who don't read my blog at all, start at the bottom of this archive, and read all of the posts at Ceremonial Soup until you get to the one you are reading right now, and by that time maybe I will have returned from vacation.


L>T said...

camp? Don' go wandering off in the woods by yourself. watch out for snakes, poison oak & Nazi boy-scouts.

moi said...

have a great camp break.
happy mosquito-bite scratching!

ManNMotion said...

Sounds like the movie Click which you won't see if you have the remote, and which you won't have a clue about if you haven't seen the movie. This is in no way an advertisement for said movie.