Monday, August 28, 2006


Welcome to my 200th post, a fabulous anniversary, let's take a quick look back.

Post #1
Post #50
Post #100
Post #150

Actually it isn't a bad sampling of my posting style.


L>T said...

I try to adjust my brain to connect with your posts. they are thought provoking & seem to make the brain shift from left to right. If that makes any sense.

Phil Plasma said...

It makes some amount of sense if you are referring to the capacities of the right brain vs the left, but not if you are referring to the political spectrum of right vs left.

L>T said...

I come over here to get away from politics. :)

Brotha Buck said...

You've been consistant, actually. Your style shines through

moofruot said...


Happy postaversary!

Here are some other words that rhyme with "ersary":


Ooo now all those words just look weird.

Thanks for the 201 (now) posts... they've been a pleasure to interpret. :)

moi said...

happy 200th!