Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Place Names

Ohio, Maine, Hawaii, Indiana...

What do they have in common, and can you name any others?


L>T said...

they are all states & they all have i's in them & they all start with capital letters.

BTW, I saw your comment on my blog. I felt you thought I was being to critical or mean-spirited.
I replied to you but forgot to post your name on the reply.
I'm afraid you might not see it in the sea of comments over there, so here is my reply:

What you say is true.
But it's all said in fun really.(tongue in cheek)
I know the same applies to me, too. I have the sitemeter.( Iknow not everyone comments)
I also know that when you hang out with a 'community' of bloggers & you get to know one another, that what MAKES it more interesting.
I sure the quilters & the teeny-boppers are quite happy with themselves. They prob. make fun of us!
It would be a drag if everyone was the same, for sure. I mean we can't all be fish, right?
But, it sure is nice to know one. :)

Phil Plasma said...

You didn't find the thing in common that I was looking for. I'll post the reply to your reply back on your blog.

L>T said...

I got it! they all end in vowels?

Phil Plasma said...

You're getting closer, but that's still not it.

Mercenaria said...

More vowels than consonants!!


Phil Plasma said...

more vowels than consonants... indeed.

L>T said...

That was my next guess.

Hey that's a nice profile you wrote up for me.
Mind if I use it to promote my blog?
I need something to make me look smart.

moofruot said...



moofruot said...