Monday, September 11, 2006

stigma of availability

Imagine being always available and how this would render you always unoccupied.

Would you be shunned by your peers who are always busy and not available?

Would you seek out moments of busy-ness to prevent you from being available with the same passion that those of us who are busy try to seek out availability?

Maybe we all need to fluff our pillows just that one moment extra.


Brotha Buck said...

You know, I know someone like this, but wouldn't dare mention the persons name. They're so unbusy, theyd find this.

Mercenaria said...
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Mercenaria said...

I followed all of this closely until I read the part about fluffy pillows, rather - about fluffing up pillows.

Then the image of fluffy pillows appeared. And the idea of napping under a warm blanket with my head on a fluffed up pillow - and then I couldn't remember what on earth you were talking about. I think it was about being busy. But if you're having a nap, you're not busy!

I'd like to be not busy enough to have a nap on a fluffy pillow under a warm blanket.