Friday, September 08, 2006

stung by realization

If I were to remain ignorant of errors I make, other people might suffer.

When I realize the errors I make, I suffer and maybe others will suffer too.

If I do not make any errors, I would no longer be human.


Mercenaria said...

What about when you err on purpose?

ghost said...

ah, but we like you as part of the race, phil

L>T said...

Considering my long list of errors...I'm about as human as it gets, I guess.

But, I made the decision years ago (after growing up with a nutcase religious mother who thought being human was something bad) that I loved being human & I was going to love humanity.

It's a much nicer way to be. :)
errors & all.

moofruot said...

Errors are the most useful thing to distinguish right from wrong... and hurt is necessary to grow wise.

If you made no errors, you wouldn't necessarily be inhuman, but you would be a vegetable - not really alive or contributing to life in any important sense.

How would you know the just or appropriate thing to do if you didn't know or experience the wrong thing? Is life simply a lesson you learn when you've lived it?