Tuesday, November 28, 2006

6 random things you may not know about me

tagged by ghost

1. I own four pairs of shoes.
2. I am just slightly under 5'8" tall but when asked say I am 5'8".
3. I was a break-dancer in my 10-12 year age.
4. I was known as Fred Blood during high school and switched to Phil Plasma once I graduated.
5. I earned more in the year 2001 than I have every year since.
6. I am slowly changing my wardrobe to become more fashionable.


ghost said...

for two and three its like were the same person. four: they used to call me warchild. they called me ghost in college. it stuck.

Debstar said...

They called me Debbie at high school.

Arcturus said...

4 of your 6 answers are identical to mine. The differences are no. 3 and no. 4.

Anonymous said...

We have nothing in common. I am anti-matter of Phil.

Phil Plasma said...

ghost: like I said in your blog, I'm average in many things, and it sounds like in 2,3, we're both average.

debstar: And now what do they call you?

Arcuturus: I'm not too surprised that #4 we are different, but I would have been really impressed and would almost think we are the same person if 5 out of 6 were true.

anon: I suspect there are more people that have 0 out 6 than people who have 1 out of 6.

L>T said...

I'd have to say 0 out of 6.