Tuesday, November 07, 2006

If February doesn't March, April May

I feel obligated to post at least once a day, and to do that requires a certain level of inspiration since I do not appear to be willing to share mundane stories of my day to day existence. I could post about the choice I made with respect to what shoes I picked to wear this morning, or what was the outdoor temperature at the moment I first stepped outside today. I could post about the third work item I did once I got into the office, or what music I listened to on the radio as I drove in.

But no.

I prefer to post things that either ask direct questions of you, or are indirectly thought provocative by the nature of the absurd or aytpical word combinations I use.


L>T said...

& that is why we love you(in that special blogger way). Anybody can talk about what they had for breakfast. Only you can chase a word down hog-tie it & make it squeak.

Debstar said...

I love absurd, quirky and thought provoking. I've had my kids read your blog but only Teeny Tiny gets it. Don't stop Phil I love my dose of insanity in the morning.

ghost said...

and thats what makes ceremonial soup the joy that it is. though, i muast admit, i do wonder from time to time what was the third work item you did once you got to work. but its one of life's little mysteries.