Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Music to wake up to

I had forgotten about the Van Halen song 'Hot for Teacher' and how it starts. I couldn't help but turn the volume way up in the car as the song played yesterday. If I had one of those clock-radios that could play a song as the wake-up alarm, this would definitely be one of the songs I would choose.

What about you?


Phx said...

Mmm yeah, a drum solo would be awesome to wake up to in the morning. Layla might be nice, too.

Debstar said...

Beautiful Day - U2. My grandmother would often start her day singing "Oh what a beautiful morning" from the play Oklahama. I used to love listening to her sing that. it made me feel happy for the whole day.

What did you think of that 4:33 piece when you first heard it?

shenry said...

Yes, Hot for Teacher with that rolling drumming intro has a nice building effect... and then the cymbals... and then the guitar. Yes, good choice.

Phx, is right about a good drum intro. I initially thought Rush's Tom Sawyer, because of the drum intro, but I have decided upon Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water for it's timeless guitar riff.

Debstar said...

Thanks for the reply Phil, certainly food for thought. I'm afraid the older I get the more cynical I become.

ghost said...

evidence by faith no more. thats just some good stuff there, boy.