Friday, November 10, 2006


I'm categorizing all of my posts, I still have 150 to do.

  • real Something from my real world or something from the real world

  • questions Questions I have asked

  • nonsense Some of it pure nonsense, some of it words written for wide open interpretation

  • intention a post with an intended meaning or a smaller amount of interpretation room

  • image image posts

  • music usually lyrics from a song, sometimes reference to a song

  • media something from the news, TV, radio, entertainment world

I may drop the last category since at the moment I only have one entry for it.


Debstar said...

So does that mean you have a label category as well?

Phx said...

i've been wanting to do that forever. how do you do it on blogger?

L>T said...

My blog posts are like my photographs everything is just thrown in a box & I paw through them until i find what i'm looking for.

Phil Plasma said...

I've moved on to the blogger beta which allows you to do it. Once you're on blogger beta, read the Google help on 'labels' and you'll find it's a piece of cake. (Chocolate).

Phx said...

cool! thanks phil.