Friday, November 10, 2006

rriiiiiipppppppppppp TORN

So cable TV, when you replace it with satellite TV, but then you tune out the stations that are evenly dividable by seven, and then sell your old rabbit ears antenna to an ancient electronics merchant; if the quality of programming neglects to provide you with the stimulus needed to evacuate an empty sealed chamber of air, would it evoke forgiveness from the planet for what we are doing to it?

It was very odd to see Belinda Stronach and Rick Mercer together for a thing whose head speaker was Bill Clinton.


moofruot said...

Hares are better than rabbits, anyway.

And Belinda is one letter from Melinda which is two letters from Melissa. Think about it.

ghost said...

perhaps those two being together at a bill c thing is your answer. forgiveness is possible.

L>T said...

I don't think about T.V. much. It's that thing that drones on while I sleep...The internet is where it's at!

Debstar said...

I always liked those rabbit ears. Were they even around when you were born??? I also liked My Favourite Martian because of those rabbit ears.