Tuesday, January 16, 2007

boxes boxing

6 days, 1 day, plural singular, weekdays weekends, five and two.

Syncopatingly syncopatingly sync-o-pat-ing-ly sync-o-pat-ing-ly smack!

Dirigibility and smitten.


Debstar said...

Now you're putting in these big words just to make me look up the dictionary aren't you? lol
1. Music: To place the stress on beats that are normally unstressed.
2.Grammar: to shorten a word by omitting certain syllables

Dirigible: able to be controlled or steered.

ghost said...

see now that is an idiosyncricy beyond the third degree of wisdom right there.

Mercenaria said...

Could you please compose us a poem in onomatopoeic pentameter?

Phil Plasma said...

Deb: to let you know that I consult the dictionary almost as frequently as you, I had to be sure that dirigibility was a word so I looked it up.

ghost: if you say so.

merc: since you asked so politely:
Yellow bow-wow thrashing Arrghhhonauts HELP-me.

Mercenaria said...


Debstar said...

idiosyncrasy: any behaviour or character which is perculiar to one individual or group

I could keep doing this all day. heheheh

Nicholas said...

I suddenly feel like I'm an elementary schoolboy... can someone explain this to me??

I tried to look up syncopate online, but couldn't even find a definition, I really need to buy a dictionary...

Phil Plasma said...

nicholas: I use dictionary.com on a daily basis to ensure the words I come up with are spelled and used correctly. Syncopate can be found there.