Wednesday, January 17, 2007

weekly top 10

I find my media category or label is severly lacking, so I have this to post.

I haven't seen any of them.


L>T said...

I'm not thrilled with this. i'd rather have your strange posts.

There is no one else to make us feel as if our syntax centers are scrambled...."this is your brain on phil."

Debstar said...

*This* was interesting for me because I haven't heard of Stomp The Yard and yet it looks like it is doing well. I did go & see The Children of Men. I was disappointed with the ending or non-ending to be more precise. I think the book would be interesting and plan to read it sometime soon.

Mercenaria said...

Me neither!

But little mosque on the prairie is on my pvr!

ghost said...

i want to see children of men, alpha dog and freedom writers. ill probably see them once they are on dvd. i know ill see charlottes web and arthur and the invisibles simply for the kids sake.