Tuesday, January 23, 2007


It would seem that each day brings with it an event that can be described as the high point of the day and a separate event that can be described as the low point of the day. Under the oddest of circumstances when we feel bipolar about an event, that event can be described as both the high and low points of the day.

Even on a day that seems filled with high points, there is one high point that is lower than all of the others and hence becomes the low point. Conversly, a day that is filled with low points will always have one low point that is higher than all of the others, and that will be the high point.

Tuesday isn't fleecy.


Debstar said...

I've never thought about my days like that but the next time someone says "How's your day?" I'm going to answer a lot of lows with one low higher than the rest. Sounds so much more interesting than "OK".

My day is not fleecy either. Its going to be 32c (not sure what that is in f but close to 90f I'm thinking. Humidity is 80 percent which makes it quite unpleasant.

ghost said...

sometimes my wfe and i play a game at dinner where we share our high pointsand our low points. i hope to get the kids into this later when they can discern these sort of things.

Phil Plasma said...

ghost: what you've described is something we've learned from another family that we have occasionally put in place and was the unconscious catalyst for this post (well, unconscious until you mentioned it).

deb: wouldn't it be better to say my day is full of high points but one of them is the lowest?

L>T said...

Now that sparked my imagination. I'm thinking of a diary of highs & lows only or maybe a graph, too. Yeah a graph sounds like a good idea.