Wednesday, January 24, 2007


You have a choice to avoid a somnambulant life.

Burundi has a birthrate double that of Jordan.
Jordan has a birthrate double that of Canada.

I have only ever been in a helicopter that left Earth's surface once.

The deepest tonality in your life likely happens when you are sick and your vocal cords are altered.

Surreptitiously is yet another fifteen letter word that avoids being found through stealth and proclivity.

Instructions for odd word combinations:
adverb antonym-noun
ardently indifferent
dangerously safe
quixoticly practical

Phil Plasma pickup line #1:
Hi there, you look exactly like someone I've never met before.


ghost said...

why is jordan's birthrate twice that of canada?

did you use that line on mrs plasma?

Phil Plasma said...

ghost: a more significant question is why is Burundi's birthrate four times that of Canada?

The day I first met the mrs I was fifteen and went to her house with a friend who already knew her, she answered the door and at the same time there was someone playing at the piano in her house just going up and down on the keys, so I said to her, "It sounds like you have a fish problem"
She said, 'what do you mean?'
and I said, "Well, I hear some scales going on..."

ghost said...

you are a smooth operator phil.

Debstar said...

Smooth???? As a pineapple maybe?

I have been in a helicopter a few times and have flown over some of the most amazing terrain in Queensland.