Thursday, March 15, 2007



Wouldn't it be great if we could have a time insertion machine that we could each use personally, periodically, to enable us to catch up on all sorts of different things. My guess is one of the top catch-up items a time insertion machine could be used for is sleep. One of my questions as to how it would work would be whether or not you aged during the time insertion while everyone else remains static. In that case, an abuse of the machine would age you and shorten your life compared to the people around you. Sparing use of the machine, however, could greatly assist all of us and average us all out to enjoy the same typical lifespan.

Permaculture is something I've been reading up about recently, and more specifically, urban permaculture. Since where I am currently living will be hopefully changing soon, I do not intend on applying any permacultural steps to where I am presently residing. However, should the home we end up moving to be one that we decide we will live in until our kids have moved out, which is a reasonably high potential, I suspect I would start as soon as I could there. Permaculture in an urban environment means mostly converting your lawn to a very pleasant garden made up mostly of plants that do something positive that are native to where-ever you live, thus requiring little maintenance but offering something helpful.

I have also read a punishingly morose global warming document recently, do not read it unless you:

  • have time on your hands - it is a long article
  • are prepared for a seriously doomsday type read
  • want to know what happens with each incremental increase in global temperature
Enormous panels of scientists have given broad predictions that should we continue our GHG emissions, the global average temperature could rise from 1.4 to 5.8C before the end of the century. This document explains what that could mean based on paleontological history records.

Finally, I haven't been feeling particularly well in the last four and three quarter days, kind of a head cold, low level head ache with some peaking, congestion, watery eyes, sneezing, occasional coughing, insomnia. I have been incrementally feeling better over the last two days, but it is a slow upward grind.


Debstar said...

I just googled permaculture. Permanent agriculture. hmmm interesting. Devised by Australians. Of course we are just so clever sometimes. lol

My garden is a little like my life. Haphazard. I have chilli plants beside petunas, a passionfruit vine climbing through a tree and a vegie patch that basically grows what it wants to - depending on the compost I've thrown in at the time.

That's not really permaculture though beause I haven't planned any of it.

supertomek said...

time insertion machine - like hermione's time turner. i think people would actually abuse it to get more stuff done.
end of century? if we get past 2012 that is... the only way to go may be a forward escape - make sure we can move off-world and start anew before things get impossible here.

Phil Plasma said...

TomK: Why 2012?

supertomek said...

phil - terence mckenna had a theory i entretain, with a varying degree of seriousness, about the year 2012 as the year in which a "transcendental object at the end of time" is reached, a singularity of some sort, past which it is nearly impossible to predict what the world is going to be like. i think what he built this on was that 2012 marks the end year of the mayan calendar. he then believed that ever-accelerating technological development would reach an infinite speed of invention and change - a singularity. natural resource use, waste production, human population and other factors would all concresce around 2012, making it impossible to predict what kind of a world we might be facing past such a point. mckenna tried to suggest not a doomsday, however, but rather hoped for a technological breakthru that might include a birth-like entering of mankind into a space age, and some kind of a melding of humanity into a shared consciousness. as far as i can gather. :)
i guess a shared consciousness would be the way to achieve fast and thorough information sharing, essential if a speed of technological development nearing infinity is to be reached. if our brains can keep up :)