Friday, March 16, 2007

basket case

about my work.... I am project based and most of my projects have what is called a 'live date' that corresponds to when the customer starts using the software in a production environment (ie real data!).

Last night was one such, I was at work until 22:30, got a call at 01:30 this morning, and am now at work having only slept from 23:00 until 01:30. I'm feeling okay at the moment but will be severely suffering in the afternoon.


L>T said...

poor phil. :( head cold & no sleep.

hopefully you can rest up on the weekend. :)

Debstar said...

It's quite surprising how little sleep you need to have to function.

Hope you get a good rest over the weekend.

ghost said...

military time always messes me up. wheres my calculator?

supertomek said...

severe REM deprivation will make u hallucinate... :)
hope it doesnt come to that ;)