Wednesday, March 21, 2007

split personality

If you are more than one person, how would you describe the different people that you are?


ghost said...

i would give them obnoxious names like ghost or...wait. oh damn.

L>T said...

Of course our blogger "persona" is a part of my personality. Derived from a character that I play in real life.

When I come up with a character in real life I do a whole costume thing. I think of these characters as personalities.

Debstar said...

I name them Skitzo and I wish they would all stop talking to me!!!!!

Actually it's a good question. I've never thought about describing the different aspects of my persona. I'd like to think that what you see is what you get however we all wear different hats for different people.
Mostly I wear a "mother" hat, a "wife" hat, "friend" hat and "daughter" hat but there are lots more hats that come out as needed including 'cranky' hat "totally unreasonable" hat and on occasion "party animal" hat (not so much anymore). I don't think these different personas need anymore of a description than that.

Phil Plasma said...

For me I have two primary ones. 95% of the time I am relaxed, laid back, wallflowery, don't talk much, spew forth oddities in conversation. 5% of the time I am very gregarious and outgoing, comfortable as the center of attention, entertaining and funny.

Like you all have mentioned, there are minor ones that pop-up, like 'dad hat', 'sibling hat', 'son hat', 'son-in-law hat', but the one I try to wear most is 'man for others hat'.

mëznor said...

If I'm different people, my people don't know about each other, and each would probably say the same thing.

Brotha Buck said...

online extrovert. Offline introvert.