Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Equinox!

The equinox is when there are an equal number of daylight and night time hours. This holds exactly true at the equator. I reside 45 degrees north of the equator and so where I live, today I have 12 hours 6 minutes of day and 11 hours 54 minutes of night. So it seems the day of 12/12 has already passed for me without my even having been aware of it.


ghost said...

lets hear it for equalty. or in your case, day time.

Mercenaria said...

It *was* a little freaky to leave the PU's place Sunday evening and to get home and the sun to still be there!

That's just CRAZY!

So is this:

More sun in the arctic... or is there???

mëznor said...

It's also the Persian new year. :)

Phonetically, "sâle no mobârak!"