Friday, April 20, 2007

how much different would your life be if... won ten million dollars? pledged to a vow of poverty and sold all of your posessions? lost your vision?
...two thirds of your inner life struggles were eliminated? knew you would die within a year but didn't know exactly when? were faced with the decision of being able to save only one of your two children in a natural catastrophe?


ghost said...

1. i would no longer work at sams. i would still teach though. still be broke manage but it would suck
4.i cant even imagine that
5.i think id make sure my family would be taken care of and then id relax and enjoy every small moment.
6.any way i could trade myself for the other one?

Debstar said...

1. I'd feel guilty being so rich so I would probably work on giving most of it away.
2. Life would be more simple. I wouldn't like it though.
3. Not being able to see the beauty of this world? Would not cope at all.
4. Would that make me a simpleton? Oops there already!
5. I would dye my hair red, sing loudly, dance badly and generally behave like an eccentric old lady. Sounds like fun, maybe I should do it anyway.
6. same answer as ghost.

breakerslion said...

1. I would buy a modest lake house and be able to pay the taxes on it.
2. Aside from the problem of who I'd be pledging to, and for what motive of theirs that they would accept such a pledge, I guess it would mean that I would have to spend what I earned each day, or become a parasite, dependent upon the charity of strangers.
3. Major readjustment to my life. Glad I live in a world with books on tape/CD
4. I'd be so giddy, I might even give Hedonism a try.
5. I would stop going to work and do something new every day.
6. I would grab the closest one, and try not to play favorites. I would then hug the other one to me as we both perished. The only scenario that plays in my head would be me dying while trying to rescue the other one - and I don't even have kids of my own.

Mercenaria said...

1 - Give a huge portion of it to you as well as other people!
2 - I would probably lose most of the relationships I have, but would probably gain new relationships.
3 - I would try to accept that wet dogs smell bad, but I would need a dog to help me get around. I guess I'd do less mileage on my car.
4 - I have no idea - it would change, but I suppose it would depend on which life struggles were removed!
5 - I would get all of my paperwork together, and I'd make sure I always took time every day to tell the people I care about how I feel about them. I would try one scoop of every flavour of ice cream.
6 - I would save one of the two children, and spend the rest of my life wondering, in pain, sad, and yet happy because one of my children got a chance. I'd also make sure that the surviving child had all of the therapy and tools they needed to not feel too much guilt.