Thursday, April 19, 2007


liver1 –noun
1. Anatomy. a large, reddish-brown, glandular organ located in the upper right side of the abdominal cavity, divided by fissures into five lobes and functioning in the secretion of bile and various metabolic processes.
2. an organ in other animals similar to the human liver, often used as food.
3. a diseased condition of the liver; biliousness: a touch of liver.
4. a reddish-brown color.
5. a rubberlike, irreversible thickening suspension occurring in paint, ink, etc., due to a chemical reaction between a colloidal pigment and a vehicle or as a result of polymerization of the vehicle.
–adjective 6. of the color of liver.
–verb (used without object) 7. (of paint, ink, etc.) to undergo irreversible thickening.

liver2 –noun
1. a person who lives in a manner specified: an extravagant liver.
2. a dweller or resident; inhabitant.


ghost said...


Debstar said...

Some people like to eat liver.

phx said...

The liver's liver liver livered.

Pretty versatile word.

Brotha Buck said...

I can't believe, when I was a kid, we HAD to eat liver every now and then. Or else. Yuk.

L>T said...

I'm a liver liking liver.