Thursday, April 05, 2007

melting incinerators

Door stops that haven't helped by remaining indignant cause relics to appear from South Dakota.

Meandering is the third most pleasant form of transportation as described by the people who have two preferred methods.

China and India are countries that both have exactly five letters in their spelling.

Golf is a sport that some people play.


ghost said...

and k-fed got 13 million.

L>T said...

heads & tails are 2 parts of dog that have 5 letters each.

Debstar said...

Golf is not a sport. You need to exercise to call a sport a sport & I can't see that driving around in a golf cart to occassionally hit a small ball is exercise.

Golf is just an excuse to get away from the wife & kids for hours on end while doing absolutely nothing worthwhile.

Brotha Buck said...