Wednesday, April 04, 2007


A friend has inspired me to get back to doing periodic push-up routines. I started yesterday and did 3x10, today I did 3x12. I am sore. I don't know if I should be doing push-ups every day, or like for lifting weights there should be off days to allow muscle healing. My eventual goal is to do 4x25 daily, but I don't know if daily is the right way, or if doing it three times weekly is the way.


ghost said...

i never couldget the routine down either. idthink though after a while you could do it everyday because you will stop tearing your muscles up. they will get used to it

Brotha Buck said...

I think it's better to do it every other day, to let the muscles recover. Alternate days, pushups, squats, and then get real fancy and add some pullups.

Mercenaria said...

I agree with bb. Best is to do it every other day and alternate it with other exercises until you feel more comfortable and less sore.

In the Kung Fu School - I believe it was 20 situps and 20 pushups at the lowest level. For higher level people it was 50 each. That was for every class - so if you did two classes a day, you did lots of them. I usually went 3-4 times a week.

When you can easily do 20/20, raise it up a bit. Pair pushups with situps (or curlups) - the situps will help strengthen your back which will in turn make push ups even easier.

Male parental unit does stuff like this too - ask him on the rabbit holiday lupper!

Debstar said...

I agree with bb. Every other day Phil, you need to recover. On alternate days you would be better off doing lower body like squats & lunges or sit-ups or all 3.