Tuesday, June 12, 2007

and then

If push comes to shove, then shovel a push.

Don't fly a kite indoors.

Mexico is about as far east as it is.

China is the country leading in the consumption of copper and most other metals.

What colour is their defecation if they are consuming so much copper?

Dynamite can be explosive. So can emotional creatures.

I'd write a blanket statement about stately blankets, however


Debstar said...

No I won'r fly a kite indoors, that would be silly plus it might take out someone's eye.
I read Wild Swans by Jung Chan not so long ago. All about China. Good book. China has some strange ideas about metal.
We have a silly advertisement running at the moment. Kids asks why China built the Great Wall and the father (who doesn't have broadband) says "To keep the rabbits out. China, to many rabbits in China". Cracks me up everytime.

As for dynamite & emotional creatures....the Word for Today is

Mercenaria said...

1 -I'm hoping that mow comes to lawn actually!

2 -Unless of course you're in an aircraft hanger and there are fans creating lots of wind for you!

3 -I'd say Mexico is closer to 'middle' than east. So, if you like, we can say it's in the middle-east.

4 -Half of the world's smelter production of copper is from:
Chile 1390 kt
China 969 kt
Japan 1350 kt
U.S. 1721 kt

5 -Well - it might be green I suppose...

6 -Intermittent Explosive Disorder

7 -I love blankets!!!

The OE said...

Blue! Blue is my favorite color!

Debstar said...

Blue kite?
Blue poo?
Blue blankets?

ghost said...

kite? the beloved childhood toy? or the bird? either way, i guess it would get kind of messy.